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Activites for groups

Activites for Groups in Budapest

Activites for Groups in Budapest | Budapest Agency

Action! Action! Action!

Sometimes organizations need a bit more speed to move ahead. Besides more conventional teambuilding activites for groups, our region has some pretty amazing venues and places for the more adventures.

How about renting your own airport for driving superfast “formula 1 cars or head up the mighty river Donau with your own speedboats for waterskiing?

The list is going on with airballons, ziplines, monster truck or BOB sledging down the Austrian alps. These are just some of the things we can offer.

Was this just a tad too much? Consider our bespoken “Man-on-bike vs Trabant” and get a funny and unique take on local pentathlon – that includes everybody in your organization.

Want to speed up your Budapest trip? Here we are!

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